SAP Implementation service provider

Indiba Business Solutions, one of the largest SAP Implementation service providers globally, brings the right set of people, technologies and domain expertise to drive your SAP landscape transformation.

Our SAP service offerings span all phases of the enterprise life cycle from initial planning to implementation to customization to development to testing to deployment and post go-live support. We are driving innovations across line of businesses with the help of our large pool of industry experts in Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Human Resources.

IBSL, SAP implementation services are designed to simplify and speed the process and leave you with a faultless solution from which you can begin enjoying tremendous benefits.

IBSL strictly follow a structured implementation approach using standard SAP Methodology. SAP implementation of full cycle:

  • Project Preparation : Once a client decided has decided on its ERP system, then they prepare the landscape of the project. In this step, server information, project cost, resources, Subject Matter Experts and business teams are decided by the Project Management Organization.
  • Business Blueprint : A business blueprint includes what modules of a SAP product would be used and the mapping of the existing business processes to the processes provided by SAP.
  • Project Realization : In the realization step, functional consultants carry out configuration. Development is done for the required customization. Testing is carried out by the core team.
  • Final Preparation : The production system is prepared using the changes from the realization and testing phases. These activities take place during the final preparation phase.
  • Go Live : Turn on the SAP system for the end-users.
  • Maintenance : After implementation, maintenance is the lasts step of the SAP cycle where the constant maintenance of the system involves. This is the where the employees will learn to face and deal with system related problems while the system should be updated corresponding to the future updates of the software solution provider.

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